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Welcome to The SHOW


Roll up Ladies and Gentlemen, gather around to witness the wonders and mysteries of a bygone era, that of the Sideshow Midway. See acts of amazing pain defying feats and gasp at impossible escapes......

There'll be thrills, chills, blood may spill but all you see is REAL!!!


GET YOUR TICKETS for the Bloody Bones Sideshow......



Acts you will witness:


The Mouse trap DOOM!!!:


See the medical phenomenon of Pain misdirection Paralysis, involving a human head, a nail, power drill and of course the chilling mouse trap of DOOM!!



Sword Swallowing:


See the ancient and deadly act of sword swallowing, performed by only a few hundred humans in the world today, witness the sight of a man swallowing 22inches of steel down into his stomach, one wrong move could mean certain death!!





See impossible escapes from various manacles, chains, handcuffs and even a regulation straitjacket.... No restraint can hold him!!



Plus many other amazing feats....


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